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MRR Wheels is one of the best aftermarket alternatives. This is a Californian company that began as a company manufacturing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and private label wheels. However, today they make staggered fitments for most cars out there. MRR Wheels has fitments for a range of vehicle brands with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ford and Hyundai benefitting the most. The brand also has a separate lineup called Roderick Wheels. Roderick Wheels are designed for specific market. The RW2 is made for the Mercedes, RW3 for the Lexus and the RW5 for the Porsche.

What makes MRR Wheels a respected aftermarket brand is that they simply make good wheels. The authorized dealer offers some of the toughest rims on the market that prove to be good replacements for soft and brittle rims. They are good-looking without being too ostentatious. Their no-nonsense rims are built to take impacts well. Not only are they designed to be strong, but also powerful, durable and extremely lightweight. They are lighter than other cast alloy wheels. All these features bundled in one guarantee a smooth and safe ride on road.

MRR Wheels stand out as one of the best as they employ the latest in computer technology when it comes to production design. The lineup of this high-end brand includes unibody designs as well as flow formed wheels with the latter having a more sophisticated design. They also offer alloy wheels in a range of dimensions starting from 15 inches and up. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to wheel finishes too. There are various finishes from high gloss to polish to matte and from matte black to hyper silver to chrome paints. The coating technology ensures the highest surface quality and thereby guarantees a longer life span. There are machined and diamond cut lips too. In addition to providing good of superb quality and high craftsmanship, the company aims at establishing a long lasting relationship by following a service oriented attitude. They offer great customer service and top it with a great return policy too.